The rotary kiln and TANGO 'designed to produce more pizzas thanks to the ease of cooking and programmed to the rotation of the hob. The rotation of the plate ensures homogeneous temperature throughout the ground and consequently also the baking pizzas.
Thanks to this mechanism is not 'necessary to turn the pizzas but just out of the oven after the beep preset by the pizza chef also using a small shovel.
The least amount of time devoted to turn the pizzas means more production, uniform cooking, simplicity of use, less stress and greater savings.
A pizza alone can bake up to 20% more pizza and a pizza novice will have no chance to burn the pizzas. In this type of furnace and 'essential focus on the recovery of the temperature of the cooking and consumption, using special materials and placing the cooking space, rotation and heating. In this oven and 'necessary to rotate the hob as far as possible from' entry of combustion air at ambient temperature.
Our windowsill measuring at least 50cm in depth and also allows you to place the pizzas on hold or cook other products without rotation and without disturbing the output of pizzas.
There is the door of entry that fires immediately and unnecessarily large part of the wood. It reduces the 'entrance of cold air and keeps most of the heat all' inside of the oven. In the model LG-EL TANGO-The wood can be placed to the left or right of the entrance of the pizzas.
The space for firewood and 'well distributed all the way down to the floor, the fire remains distant from the entrance and the wood burns better in smaller quantities, saving all that wood which is deposited at the beginning of the door without burning unnecessarily give power heater that the plan requires.
Our unique forced-air gas burner can be installed in front of the entrance of the pizzas.
Is applied to an electric infrared below the hob on the total power of 5.5 kW, if used in 100% or 2.5KW, if used in 50%. Provides immediate recovery of the heat losses of the hob in a few minutes and is governed either manually or automatically by 2 temperature probe located under the hob.
The action infrared allows to reach the temperature from 10 ° C to 220 ° C in just 13 minutes! The hob for rotary kilns are of a special material called "cordierite", a compound of alumina, and magnesium silicate material that provides a smooth surface, with a limited thermal expansion coefficient and excellent thermal shock resistance.
This material and 'certified for use in cooking products directly on the surface and have a breaking temperature of 1,250 ° C.
The combined action of wood with the electrical resistance and our exclusive infrared gas burner with forced air allows excellent performance with high workloads.