The "Ovens Dorigo" are designed to cook with firewood and to give maximum efficiency and flavor by adding the appearance theater I "Ovens Dorigo" ECO-SM-L models are available in 4 versions and are provided to replace existing furnaces mounted on support masonry.
The ovens are delivered piece by piece in kit form and can be assembled by unskilled personnel in accordance with local laws.
We suggest this economic solution to not upset the local could join with the individual pieces through each port. the oven and 'built in super high alumina refractory concrete vibrated and' consists of 4-7 segments located outside the area, the main bite with power draw built-in hob 4 pieces, 30 cm deep sill, smoke connection, arc front of 10 cm thick.
The components are smooth and compact without the presence of bubbles' air or porous material.
The slices are smooth and compact without the presence of air bubbles or porous material. are perfectly rounded and have a spherical shape that guarantees the maximum aerodynamic penetration of burning wood or gas. are tapped for a perfect and infallible assembly that is 3 to 4 hours.
The hob and 'divided into 4 pieces and measures to be 82-100-115-145 cm in diameter.
fit perfectly the mouth for a replacement after 10 years leaving intact the refractory time.
L 'height from the floor to the roof and firing' of 44 cm and with the right relationship with the case leakage delivers significant energy savings and a 'huge thermal resistance.
The deep sill and closed the walls ensures less heat escaping into the workspace of pizza and lower fuel consumption. in the model "GENOA" and the width 'of 44 cm. in all other models and 'of 58 cm.
The front arc has a thickness of 10 cm and is' 80cm wide and 45cm high. in the model "GENOA" and '66cm wide and 40cm high. the density of vibrated refractory material in hobs and in the gores of the domes guarantees an enormous build up of heat resulting in energy savings.
The flue gas connection has a width of 197mm.
Warranty 10 years.